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Window Cleaning – Interior and Exterior

Window Cleaning – Commercial and Residential

A Glass Act Window Cleaners & Building Maintenance started providing residential window cleaning services in the Burnaby area of British Columbia in 1988.  We offer Interior and exterior window cleaning, roof and awning glass washing and skylight cleaning services.  Why are we still cleaning residential and commercial windows 24 years later? We credit 4 factors as the secrets to our success.

  1. Superior window cleaning systems and techniques
  2. Excellent customer service
  3. Thousands of repeat clients
  4. Years of referrals from clients

Window Cleaning Methods

We use a number of window cleaning methods depending on the window type and where it’s located. A Glass Act has a dedicated team specializing in all facets of window cleaning. We typically use cloth applicators with a squeegee finish for residential window cleaning. For bevelled or leaded glass and heritage-style small windows we hand clean using cloth and chamois. Ask us about our interior and exterior scheduled service.

For commercial and retail window cleaning  we use water-fed Tucker Poles for commercial clustered glass (for cost effectiveness), for 3 and 4 storey buildings as well as roof glass and awnings. Tucker Poles are also used when safety is an issue such as ladder inaccessible locations.)

Post construction window cleaning is also available.

Interesting facts: We generally use Sunlight dish soap when “Hand Cleaning” windows, not a typical window cleaner such as Windex.

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