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Wooden Deck Refinishing & Restoration

Wooden Deck Refinishing & Restoration Vancouver and Area

  • Weathered wood deck refinishing and fences refinished and restored to new wood
  • All types of coatings can be removed (solid coloured coatings to transparent stains)
  • The complexity of the job is very dependent on the type of deck. For example, flat boards without a wooden deck railing will take much less time then that of a deck with several levels, or spindled wooden railings, lattice or other structures.
  • Also, it is important to note that this process is entirely weather-dependent. For example, wood surfaces must be dry when applying stripping products and stain coatings. On the other hand, stains cannot be applied in direct sunlight or the stain will not be absorbed by the wood and will peel off.
  • The removal of old coatings may require several applications of the chemical stripper, depending on the number and type of layers that are on the wood
  • Once the old coating is removed or the new wood is exposed, the surfaces typically will be lightly sanded (with an orbital sander)
  • Before applying the new coating, we sometimes use a Mill-glaze-away product. This not only neutralizes the Ph level of the wood (from the use of the wood wash or stripper), it also ensures that the new coating will properly adhere and absorb to the wood.
  • The new coatings are applied with different methods. We will recommend the best type of coating for the wood or deck you may have. For example, a “clear tone” stain will not offer any UV protection for your wood since there is no colour pigment.
  • Since there is understandable wear to the wood surfaces, we can provide on-going maintenance.

Interesting Fact: We use only water-based products for washing, stripping and staining wood. A water-based stain is a breathable coating that permits moisture from the inside of the wood to evaporate through it. This lengthens the life of your wooden surfaces.

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