Gutter Cleaning Burnaby 

Type of Client:      Commercial-Industrial – Repeat client – this Gutter Cleaning Burnaby client has us clean & service their gutter system three times per year

Problem:                This client has a very large office and warehouse facility with a low pitch metal roof and a custom gutter system.  If the gutters are not cleaned out on a regular basis, water can overflow from the gutters and leak into their warehouse

Scope of Work:    Gutter Cleaning Burnaby

  1. removing leaves and mud from these custom, oversized gutters along the perimeter roof-line and large trough that runs down centre roof over warehouse
  2. removing all custom made downpipe screens then cleaning and re-installing them
  3. clearing all downpipe openings
  4. periodically replacing downpipe screens and meshing with new, as they do rust away over time

Timeline:  We complete this Gutter Cleaning Burnaby project in one a day

Result:  This regular Gutter Cleaning Burnaby project keeps this commercial-industrial clients’s gutter system from clogging and overflowing into their large warehouse

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