Type of Client:      Residential, detached Duplex building, New client.  This a Roof Cleaning Victoria and Gutter Cleaning Victoria job done in the Old Esquimalt residential neighbourhood of Victoria, British Columbia

Problem:                This homeowner contracted us to remove the moss from their asphalt shingle roof.  The gutters were also in desperate need of cleaning on both sides of the duplex.  This house has very large, towering trees around the property line which adds to the growth of moss and lichen on the roof.  A combination of shade, as well as tremendous organic spores from the surrounding trees,  increases the amount of moss and algae that will grow on this roof.  Regular roof cleaning and gutter cleaning maintenance are required on this Victoria, British Columbia home.

Scope of Work:    Roof Cleaning Victoria

  1. Excessive moss was removed from the asphalt shingle roof, on front and backs sides of the house
  2. Heavier moss & lichen was mechanically removed using stiff roof brushes and Leaf blowers
  3. Tree debris and dirt was removed from the alumminum gutter troughs around the perimeter roof-line
  4. All downpipe openings were cleared and Gutter Baskets installed over each downpipe
  5. We used mainly 24′ and 12′ multi ladders to access all gutters on this building
  6. The gutter system was assessed for any necessary repairs – None were identified
  7. Recommendations were made for the application of a moss control treatment to the roof shingles in the Spring (when the weather warms)
  8. Clean-up was done around the perimeter of the Duplex to remove moss and tree debris from the ground

Timeline:  Our Roof Cleaning Victoria crew completed this project in two days

Result:  This new Roof Cleaning Victoria customer was very happy with the job we did and the recommendations that were made for future maintenance. This customer authorized the addition of Gutter Baskets over the downspouts.  We also made a recommendation to apply a Spring moss control treatment application to the roof of this home, which was approved.  We also power washed their mossy front entrance sidewalk to make it safer for all to walk on.


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