Location:               West Vancouver Window Cleaning 

Type of Client:      Residential – Regular repeat customer – this West Vancouver Window Cleaning client usually gets their residential windows cleaned three to four times per year

Problem:                This client has a house of glass.  In addition to alot of perimeter windows, there are large spans of roof glass and many panels of exterior balcony railing glass

Scope of Work:    Exterior & Interior Window cleaning

  1. We cleaned all these windows by Hand cleaning method (applicator & squeegee)
  2. The roof glass is washed with an applicator then rinsed off with water
  3. Railing glass is cleaned using a combination of Hand cleaning and water fed pole window brush washing
  4. Frames and window sills were wiped clean
  5. Some scraping was required to remove bug spots and paint splatter
  6. 24′ extension ladders and smaller Multi Ladders used to access all windows
  7. This is a two person window cleaning job because of the quantity of glass to clean as well as the difficulty level
  8. Most of the exterior windows and roof glass are cleaned each time, with a focus on interior window cleaning two times per year
  9. With all of the dust and dirt that settles on the roof awning glass panels, these require cleaning on each visit

Timeline:  Completed this West Vancouver Window Cleaning project in two days

Result:  This regular West Vancouver Window Cleaning project keeps the home owner’s windows well maintained so they can enjoy their beautiful views of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland



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