Location:               Vancouver Chandelier Cleaning 

Type of Client:      Residential –  NEW customer – this Chandelier Cleaning customer had an inside fire in their home that created a lot of smoke and soot damage.  We were contracted by the restoration firm to clean chandeliers, light fixtures and wall sconces

Problem:                The large entrance chandelier was covered with a layer of soot from the fire and hangs very high in the entrance area of the house

Scope of Work:    Entrance Chandelier Cleaning

  1. Set up our scaffold in the entrance area to safely access the chandelier for cleaning
  2. Placed padded blankets around scaffolding
  3. Carefully vacuumed all accessible crystal elements as well as the fixture frame to remove soot and dust
  4. Hand washed and dried all crystal pieces
  5. Hand washed and dried the fixture frame and ceiling chain
  6. Removed, checked and cleaned all chandelier bulbs – none required replacement
  7. Removed scaffolding after all bulbs tested and crystal elements were re-installed
  8. Cleaned 10 other hanging chandeliers, light fixtures and wall sconces in the house

Timeline:  Completed this Chandelier Cleaning project in two days with two cleaning techs

Result:  This Chandelier Cleaning project earned us future business with the Restoration firm client and the home owner was very happy with the result

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