Location:               West Vancouver Window Washing 

Type of Client:      Residential –  NEW customer – this West Vancouver Window Washing customer, who is a Realtor, contracted us to clean the windows in this Low-Rise building to ready the unit for sale

Problem:                These windows were extremely dirty and needed a really good, professional cleaning, to ready this condo for sale.  Making the incredible ocean view appear as though there were no windows, was our objective

Scope of Work:    Exterior & Interior Window cleaning

  1. We cleaned all interior and exterior windows by Hand cleaning method (applicator & squeegee)
  2. This job was a Post renovation cleaning – the complete interior of this condo was renovated from floor to ceiling
  3. Many of the windows needed to be scraped with a professional window razor, to remove renovation debris (drywall, silicone & paint mostly)
  4. The glass solarium on ocean side has a set of interior storm windows that had to be cleaned
  5. All of the metal window frames and window sills were thoroughly cleaned and washed
  6. All windows were cleaned from 4 to 6′ step ladders
  7. A few of the exterior windows were difficult to clean, since this suite was on the fifth floor
  8. Some of the sliding windows had to be removed, in order to clean the fixed exterior windows through an open window
  9. The windows that were removed could then be cleaned on the exterior sides (since they could not be done any other way, without repelling down this high building on a bosun chair)
  10. This was a one person window cleaning job, done by an experienced window cleaner with excellent squeegee skills

Timeline:  Completed this West Vancouver Window Washing project in one das

Result:  This NEW West Vancouver Window Washing project earned us future business with this Realtor as well as referrals to other clients.

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