North Vancouver Gutter Cleaning 

Type of Client:      Residential Homeowner – New client – this a North Vancouver Gutter Cleaning and roof cleaning job in the Lynn Valley area

Problem:                This client contracted us to clean moss from their asphalt roof and debris from inside the aluminum gutter troughs.  This house has some very large trees around the property line that dump excessive amounts of debris onto their roof and into the gutters.  Moss and Lichen growth results also from all of the organic debris that collects on the roof from the trees above.  Regular roof and gutter maintenance is required on this home.

Scope of Work:    Gutter and Roof cleaning  

  1. Removed alot of tree debris from this asphalt shingle roof and from the roof valleys
  2. Mechanically removed some heavier moss & lichen using stiff roof brushes and Leaf blowers
  3. Removed moss and tree debris from the chimney flashing
  4. Removed leaves and other tree debris from aluminum gutter trouoghs and cleared all downpipes openings
  5. Unclogged a few downpipes below the roof-line by removing sections of downpipes
  6. We used mainly 24′ and 12′ multi ladders to access all gutters on this building
  7. Assessed the gutter system for any necessary repairs – None were identified
  8. Made recommendations for the addition of Gutter Baskets over each downpipe opening (to protect flow into the downpipes) and installed several
  9. Roof and gutters on upper and lower roof levels were cleaned
  10. Performed thorough ground clean-up to remove debris that had come off the roof while cleaning

Timeline:  Our Gutter Cleaning crew completed this project in 5 hours

Result:  This new North Vancouver customer was very happy with the job we did and recommendations that were made.  The customer authorized the addition of Gutter Baskets and wants us to schedule an annual gutter cleaning on their home


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