Location: Victoria Window Cleaning

Type of Client: Residential – New client – this is a Victoria Window Cleaning client in the Willows Beach neighbourhood of Oak Bay.

Problem: This residential customer had recently completed a large renovation to their home and needed the windows cleaned as a final task.  With the addition of more rooms in the house, many new windows were added to maximise the amount of light entering the house.  The beautiful tropical garden landscape is now visible from every room with the addition of many more windows.  This cleaning project was a Post Construction window clean.

Scope of Work: Interior and Exterior Window cleaning service

  1. We cleaned all of the interior and exterior windows by Hand cleaning method (applicator & squeegee)
  2. The House and separate garage windows were all cleaned
  3. Window stickers were removed from several new windows
  4. Paint over-spray and other construction debris was carefully removed from the glass surfaces using a professional window scraper
  5. Window frames and sills were wiped clean
  6. Window screens were removed, cleaned and re-installed
  7. Roof skylights were washed
  8. 24′ extension ladders and smaller Multi Ladders were used to access all windows
  9. The exterior windows were more challenging to clean because of the tropical landscape growing close to the house

Timeline:  This Victoria Window Cleaning project was completed in one full day

Result:  The homeowner was so pleased with the window cleaning service that we provided, that they booked us for a Winter gutter cleaning service.

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