2″ vinyl outlet
Widely used throughout the lower mainland, this outlet is inexpensive, fits the small trough of most fascia gutters, however, lacks in performance. Sometimes it is the only choice when connecting to a 2″ round downpipe, but should be avoided when other options are available.

2-3/4″ aluminum flush outlet
More expensive than the vinyl type, this aluminum outlet will not deteriorate from UV, provides a much larger opening, and is not prone to damming.

A Leaf Catcher is recommended to prevent debris from entering ground drains, or an aluminum strainer can be fitted in the gutter.

K-Style Funnel outlet
The K Funnel outlet is used to upgrade existing gutter systems. This outlet has been designed to move large volumes of water and should be complemented with a ground-level Leaf Catcher where the downpipe enters a perimeter, underground, drainage system.

Available in most colors to match gutters and downpipes.

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