Vancouver Roof Cleaning 

Location:                Shaughnessy Vancouver

Type of Client:      Residential – Repeat client – this Vancouver Roof Cleaning customer has A Glass Act provide roof cleaning, gutter cleaning and window cleaning services yearly

Problem:                This client has alot of trees around their home and roof moss is a constant problem

Scope of Work:    Vancouver Roof Cleaning

Roof and skylight boxes after cleaning
Roof and skylight boxes after cleaning

1)  We use special roof brushes to loosen heavier moss from asphalt roof shingles

2)  Removed moss from around roof skylight boxes

3)  removed all debris from roof using a Leaf Blower – we also clean-up the grounds afterwards

4)  Gutters are cleaned out to remove roof moss and other tree debris

5)  separate back garage roof moss was removed and gutters cleaned

6) Applied a special moss control treatment application using a low pressure sprayer


Timeline:  Completed this Vancouver Roof Cleaning project in half a day

Result:  This repeat Vancouver Roof Cleaning service keeps the home owner’s roof free of damaging roof moss growth

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