Service Type:       Painting North Vancouver

Location:              Pemberton area of North Vancouver

Type of Client:        Commercial – NEW, Painting North Vancouver client

Problem:                 this new client had just leased a large commercial warehouse building in North Vancouver and required Commercial Warehouse Painting Services.  Specifically, the client wanted to have the high ceiling professionally painted black from it’s dirty white colour.  The ceiling height is approximately 20′ from floor level and had never been properly painted.  The colour before we started was white with many wooden boards that were not covered with any paint at all

Scope of Work:  

-Since our client did not need to paint the warehouse walls, we taped off the top portion of walls with painting plastic

-a scissor lift was used to tape plastic dropsheets to the walls and to cover ceiling light fixtures and gas heaters with paper

-we applied a “Dryfall” black ceiling paint using paint spraying equipment – this reduced the floor clean-up afterwards

-two coats of Dryfall paint were applied to the ceiling and rafter boards

-we wore proper respirators during paint spraying application

-after the ceiling was painted, we removed all plastic wall dropsheets and paper from the lights and heater

-some floor clean-up was required


Timeline:  Completed this project over 3 days – there was alot of wall surface preparation to do before we could start painting the ceiling.  We sprayed the ceiling in about six hours from a scissor lift

Result:  The ceiling has literally disappeared with the flat black colour that was used, which was the client’s objective.

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