Location:              East Vancouver – Killarney

Type of Client:      Residential – Repeat client – this gutter cleaning Vancouver job we do twice per year for this regular user of our roof and gutter cleaning service

Problem:               This client has alot of very large Pine and Spruce trees around their house.  The roof and gutters and constantly being covered with tree debris

Scope of Work:   We perform a roof cleaning and gutter cleaning in the late Fall and again in early SpringWe start by removing excessive debris from the roof using special roof brushes and brooms

  1. Roof valleys are cleared of all tree debris
  2. Excessive debris is first removed from the roof using roof brushes and brooms
  3. Leaf blowers are used to blow off residual debris from the roof-top
  4. The inside gutter troughs are cleaned by Hand and all downpipe openings are cleared
  5. Inside gutters and downpipes are sometimes flushed with water to ensure that all downpipes are flowing
  6. We have installed Gutter Baskets to all downpipe openings, to keep the downpipe drains from plugging up between gutter cleans
  7. We use ladder stand-offs which raise ladder away from the gutter trough, to protect the troughs from any ladder damage
  8. We clean-up the ground areas around the house to remove any debris that has come off the roof and gutters

Timeline:  Completed this Residential Gutter Cleaning Vancouver project in half a day

Result:  This regular Roof & Gutter Cleaning Vancouver project keeps the client’s asphalt roof shingles in good condition and the gutter system flowing

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