Residential Chandelier Cleaning Vancouver

Location:              Vancouver west side

Type of Client:      Residential – New client – this chandelier cleaning job resulted from a flood damage, insurance claim

Problem:               A very dirty crystal chandelier over the front entrance door foyer and a smaller chandelier fixture in the Dining room

Scope of Work:   We received a call from a restoration company wanting Residential Chandelier Cleaning Vancouver.  This home had a roof leak which resulted in an insurance claim.  After the roof leak was repaired, carpentry and new drywall was installed.  There was alot of drywall and sanding that had to be done, so the chandeliers were covered with a layer of drywall dust.  Both crystal chandeliers was extremely dirty.  We cleaned the entrance chandelier from a custom scaffold set up in the entrance foyer and the lower hanging Dining room chandelier was cleaned from the ground using a small step ladder

  1. Special scaffolding was set up in the entrance area to access the high entrance chandelier
  2. The lower hanging Dining room chandelier was cleaned from standing on the ground and using a small step ladder
  3. All crystal elements were then hand cleaned with a special cleaner & lint free clothes
  4. Many of the crystal elements had to be taken off of these chandeliers for proper cleaning
  5. Longer strands of crystal were left in place during the chandelier cleaning process
  6. The fixture frame was hand cleaned and some of the chandelier bulbs were replaced with new 40 Watt long life bulbs
  7. Scaffolding was disassembled and carefully removed from the house interior

Timeline:  Completed this Residential Chandelier Cleaning Vancouver project, within one day

Result:  This chandelier looks brand new and throws off beautiful rainbow light refractions again!  The homeowner is very pleased with our job as is the Restoration company that hired us.

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