Power Washing North Vancouver


Location: Pemberton Heights area of North Vancouver

Type of Client: Residential – Repeat client

Problem: Our client had very mossy paving stone stairs to front entrance and large driveway

Scope of Work:

-we used a combination of Rotary and fan spray power washing tips

-front entrance paving stones and entrance area power washed

-large front sloped paving stone driveway power washed

-wooden railway ties along stairs and landing power washed

-all paving stone surfaces were re-sanded after power washing

-we used jointing sand to re-sand paving stones – keeps all pavers properly spaced

-all surrounding areas were rinsed down (house walls, plants, patio furniture)

Timeline: Completed this project over two days

Result: Everything looks refreshed and clean after the power washing was completed.  The clean paving stone surfaces now look like a new installation of pavers

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