Service Type:      flat surface concrete sidewalk & pavingstone Power washing

Location:              Burnaby

Type of Client:    Residential – Repeat customer

Problem:               very dirty concrete sidewalk and concrete pavingstone walkway

Scope of Work:   we power wash this homeowner’s concrete each Spring and apply a concrete sealer (non-slip, transparent sealer) every 4-5 years on broom finished sidewalk concrete and concrete pavingstone walkway

  1. Used a flat surface cleaner to power wash sidewalk and rotary nozzle for pavingstone walkway
  2. Rinsed/washed walls of townhouse and rinsed off the plants in garden flowerbeds
  3. Applied two coats of concrete sealer with a low pressure sprayer to all concrete
  4. This sealer will last up to 5 years before re-application is required – water proofs and protects surfaces from erosion and helps to keep concrete cleaner
  5. Concrete sealers make it much easier to clean concrete annually as dirt and algae on collects on surface – will not penetrate into concrete after sealed

Timeline: Completed the project over a 2 day period. First day to power wash and the second day to apply sealer

Reference Source: Client was referred to us from another customer

Result: concrete is clean for another Spring/Summer season and protected for another 4-5 years