Service Type:       Vancouver Strata Window Washing

Location:               Vancouver

Type of Client:      Residential Strata complex 246 Units – repeat client

Problem:                Cleaned all inaccessible exterior windows on 2nd to 4th floors by Tucker pole cleaning method and some ground floor window washing by Hand cleaning method

Scope of Work:  clean the inaccessible exterior windows and exterior sides of balcony railing glass by Tucker pole cleaing method.  Ground level windows that are directly below the inaccessible windows washed, were cleaned also

  1. We have services this strata client for 10 years now – there are over 240 units in three buildings at this site, each building four stories in height
  2. Our window cleaners must stand on the ground, mainly on private owner’s patios that are each surrounded by privacy fencing
  3. This job is a challenge because we must climb over each privacy fence around the three buildings in order to position ourselves below the windows needing washing by Tucker pole
  4. Although notices are sent to all owners in advance of our scheduled cleaning dates, many people do not remove their window screens which prevent us from cleaning their windows.  Several of the suite windows were left open also on the dates we were washing windows – those owners would not have those windows cleaned
  5. We were able to access all the windows on second to fourth floors with our 45′ Tucker poles – our cleaners had some sore shoulders and necks at the end of each day
  6. We cleaned a few areas of dirty vinyl siding with our Tucker poles as well

Timeline: Completed this project in four days with two window cleaning technicians

Result:  The windows we washed were very shiny and clean and made strata resident’s very happy!  This Strata complex only gets the windows washed once per year, so they get really dirty between cleanings