Service Type:       Vancouver Power Washing

Location:               Shaughnessy area of Vancouver

Type of Client:     Residential – Repeat client

Problem:               Dirty rock retaining walls, stone slab pathways and concrete stairs and patio areas

Scope of Work:  Geoff is a repeat client of ours that has used our Pressure washing service for over 14 years.  We annually power wash all flat surface natural stone walkways, rock retaining walls and marble stairs  – each Spring.  This year Geoff wanted to have the walkways power washed to prepare the loose stone slabs for repair.  There are many loose stone slabs that have to be reset on the walkways with fresh mortar beds

  1. Power washed front granite retaining walls and rod iron entrance gates
  2. Power washed stone slab walkways from front to back including the front marble entrance stairs, back Blue Stone stairs and back paving stone parking area
  3. Power washed concrete and granite window wells on each side of the house
  4. Power washed back concrete stairs to basement including the basement concrete patio area
  5. Power rinsed several walls of then house including the front lamp post and back garage and metal parking gate

Timeline: Completed this project in one day by two Power washing technicians

Reference Source: Client was originally referred to us by another customer

Result:  Clean stone walkways as well as granite retaining walls and other concrete areas.  Our client will now be able to have his loose walkway stone slabs reset into mortar this weekend.  Good for another year and another happy customer!