Service Type:       Burnaby Commercial Window Washing

Location:               Burnaby

Type of Client:     Commercial – Repeat client

Problem:                Dirty windows that prevent office staff from seeing clearly through to the outside world

Scope of Work:   This repeat client has us clean their interior and exterior windows each year

  1. Hand cleaning of all interior windows and skylights (applicator & squeegee)
  2. Cleaning of all exterior windows using a combination of Hand cleaning and Tucker Pole cleaning methods (Tucker pole – a water fed window washing brush on extension pole)
  3. We Hand clean all the second floor windows except those that are ladder inaccessible which we wash by Tucker pole method
  4. Tucker pole window washing allows us to get to impossible to reach windows and provides for a very good result too!
  5. Jobs like this require a 2 person window cleaning crew for ladder safety and efficiency
  6. we washed the interior and exterior flat roof skylights also

Timeline: Completed this project in half a day with two window cleaners

Reference Source:  One of the company employees is also a Residential client of ours

Result:  Their windows shine and the outside world looks crystal clear from the interior offices now