Service Type:       Chandelier Cleaning Vancouver

Location:               Vancouver East Side

Type of Client:      Residential – New client in East Vancouver

Problem:               dirty layered glass elements hanging on a metal fixture body over entrance stairs

Scope of Work:   Carmella was a first time user of our Chandelier Cleaning Vancouver service – she hadn’t had her entrance foyer chandelier cleaned in almost 3 years and was interested in having us clean the chandelier to make it sparkle once again.  She also wanted to have all exterior windows, skylights and balcony railing glass washed

  1. We cleaned the chandelier from the upper floor landing by removing each plate of glass and cleaning them with applicator & squeegee
  2. glass elements were then hand buffed with special micro fibre, lint free clothes
  3. The fixture frame was hand wiped and some bulbs were replaced
  4. all glass pieces were then very carefully installed back onto the fixture frame
  5. The windows were all cleaned and polished by Hand (applicator & squeegee)
  6. two levels of balcony railing glass were cleaned – several plant baskets and vines had to be carefully moved in order to cleane the railing glass

Timeline:  Completed this Chandelier Cleaning Vancouver project in one day with two cleaners

Reference Source: Client found us on-line

Result:  This Chandelier Cleaning Vancouver project was a great success and made things so much brighter in the stairwell of this home.  Carmella was very pleased with our work and has a gorgeous, sparkling chandelier for her out of town visitor’s arriving in August