Service Type:       Driveway Paving Stone Power Wash & Re-Sanding

Location:               North Vancouver

Type of Client:     Residential – New client

Problem:               Excessive weeds and grass growing around most of the paving stones on this sloped driveway in Lynn Valley, North Vancouver

Scope of Work:   Marcy was a new client, first time user of our service – the house was recently painted and looks fabulous, but the front driveway looked “ghetto” as Marcy put it, with all the grass and weeds growing on it

  1. We pressure washed the paving stones using a rotary nozzle to prepare for Polymeric re-sanding.
  2. All grass and weeds were power washed from around each of the pavers and we removed m ost of the sand to prepare for the Polymeric sand.
  3. Filled in all spaces on cobblestone driveway with Beige, High Performance Polymeric sand then wet down complete driveway and steps.
  4. To properly prepare the driveway, we trimmed back some bushes growing over the sides of the driveway and bagged debris.

Timeline:  Completed this project over three separate visits

Reference Source: Client found us on-line

Result:  a new looking pavingstone driveway that now has a “grout like” beige border around each paver that will prevent grass and weed growth