Window Washing West Vancouver

Service Type:       Window Washing West Vancouver

Location:             Gleneagles, West Vancouver

Type of Client:     Residential – Repeat client

Problem:               Large roof glass structure and windows were very dirty on interior and exterior sides

Scope of Work:    This repeat client contracted us to wash their exterior windows and roof glass, atrium structure

Window Washing West Vancouver
Exterior roof glass panels and frames washed with Tucker pole
  1. Washed exterior surface of roof glass using Tucker cleaning method
  2. Exterior roof glass cleaning was cleaned from standing on a flat roof, each side of the atrium
  3. Washed all roof glass frames
  4. Cleaned interior sides of roof glass using applicator and squeegee (Hand cleaning)
  5. Window screens were removed and cleaned
  6. Washed all exterior perimeter windows by Hand cleaning method (applicator & squeegee)
  7. Window frames and sills were wiped clean

Timeline:  Completed this Window Washing West Vancouver project over two days

Result:   The roof glass looks and perimeter windows look amazingly clean!

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