Service Type:       North Vancouver Wooden Deck Refinishing

Location:               Lower Seymour, North Vancouver

Type of Client:     Residential – NEW client

Problem:                Weathered and old stain surfaces on multi level wooden deck with wooden railings, bench seats & fence – All in need of refinishing

Scope of Work:   This new client wanted to have their wooden deck and stairs stipped to remove old stain coatings then refinished with new semi-transparent stain.

  1. Pre-sprayed all surfaces with a good wood stripping product then washed off using very low pressure washing spray
  2. in some places more than one stripping application was needed
  3. Light sanded all wooden deck floor boards and railing spindles and handrails
  4. apply a natural wood brightener solution to all surfaces then rinsed off – this equalized the PH level of the wood and prepared surfaces to accept new stain coatings
  5. applied two coats of of semi-transparent stain to all wood surfaces

Timeline: Completed this project in two weeks – weather dependant for many steps in the deck refinishing process

Reference Source: Client found us on-line

Result:  Their deck set in the woods now look absolutely stunning and our customer is very happy