Service Type: Roof cleaning, Gutter cleaning and Power washing

Location: New Westminster

Type of Client:  Residential – New client

Problem: Big trees around house and a lot of moss on roof. Selling house so needed work done ASAP. Needed to de-moss and clean the roof and clean gutters.

Scope of Work:

  1. Used extension poles and stiff bristle roof brushes to remove moss and tree debris from roof
  2. Power rinsed and cleaned roof surfaces after moss removal and cleaned the gutters
  3. Rinsed/washed walls of house and bagged all debris that ended up on the ground
  4. Rinsed off the flat surface decks, patios, driveway and plants

Timeline: Completed the project 2 days after we received the call.  Job was started and completed in one day.

Reference Source: Client found us on Shell Busey’s HouseSmart referral Network

Result: Client is very happy and their house and roof exterior is ready for real estate showings!